Studious Saturday: My favourite places to read


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“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are” – Mason Cooley

Hello and welcome to another Studious Saturday post! I am one of those people that can read almost anywhere. I was almost tempted to pick up my book when I was waiting my turn for the dentist! This made me think about some of my favourite places to read and I decided to create a quick discussion post to discuss in more detail. So in no particular order my favourite places to read are…

• On public transport

If you are from the UK, you probably know how awkward it can be locking eyes with the person sitting opposite you. This doesn’t tend to happen in Spain but even so, I much prefer reading my book, especially on my commute to work or when I know a long journey is ahead.

• On a flight

I guess this is linked to public transport although the journey tends to be longer meaning more time for reading. I sometimes get through a whole book when flying and I love the feeling of completely ignoring anything and everything else on the plane and getting lost in the story.

• In the park

The park is probably my favourite place to read, especially on a sunny day with a slight breeze. Unfortunately we don’t get many days like this here in Madrid but when the odd day suggests the perfect weather I love to pick up my kindle and head to the park.

• At a café

On gloomy days I find nothing more appealing than walking to a café, making myself comfortable at a table by the window and starting a new book. Sometimes hours pass by and I finish one book and start another without even thinking about leaving.

• At home

My usual reading place is my bed or sofa, both of which are comfortable enough to get lost in a book, sometimes a bit too much when the plot is engrossing enough to keep me awake into the small hours of the night. Then I find myself tired at work the following day but I don’t mind too much because this is usually how I discover my favourite authors and books.


What is your favourite place to read and why?

Have an amazing weekend and thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Studious Saturday: My favourite places to read

  1. I love Studious Saturday !! My favourite place to read is in bed or on a flight. Being completely engrossed in the story helps with my flying nerves too. Look forward to your next Studius Saturday post. Darina!

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  2. My dreams places would be the café and the park; though I haven’t done it alot yet. Hopefully this shall improve when i’d get my licence and stuff.. *aherm*
    I read mostly in my bed at night, as on some occasions it doesn’t take much for me to get side tracked and not into my book anymore; so that’s the safest. Sometimes i’d go for the couch when i’m alone with the weeins so not much can distract me xD or i’ll settle on the back porch when it’s pretty out ! (again.. it’s been WAY too hot. so havent really got the chance.)

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  3. Oh I can read in a lot of places, too, though I think I do most of my reading on the train because I have a long commute to work. I love reading everywhere, really, I always have a book in my bag wherever I go haha 😀

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