Studious Saturday: exploring bookshops in Glasgow

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You may have noticed that exploring bookshops in different cities has become a certain trend on Facing the Story. After posting about my experience in Bath and London, I decided to follow suit with the next city on the list: Glasgow.

Caledonia Books


Caledonia Books is not only appealing from the outside but also enhances the reading experience with its splendid interior. Books are arranged by genre, with many of the foreign language and non-fiction titles hidden away at the ground floor. I was very impressed with the wide range of second-hand books and spent a long time browsing the fiction section.


I was even more excited to discover some rare copies of antique books, a feature not so common in the usual high-street book store. Complete with a continuously expanding list of rare finds, this bookshop was definitely an exciting start to our afternoon.

Thistle Books


Hidden away at the end of a side street, Thistle Books is a real treasure. Although it may appear plain from the outside, the inside is a complete contrast and pleasure to explore. Upon entering we were immediately intrigued by the various shelves of sheet music and array of music related books. There was a noticeboard for musicians to advertise their services and the soft tunes playing in the background created a calming and enjoyable browsing experience.


Just as in Caledonia Books, I spent a very long time looking through the books out on display in the fiction area. All shelves were very well arranged and it was easy to find books that were high up on my reading list. After much thought and inner discussion of how I would fit yet another item in my suitcase, I settled on All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, which I cannot wait to start reading. I highly recommend Thistle Books for any bookworms passing through Glasgow.

Hyndland Bookshop


Our lost stop was an independent bookseller which not only offers the latest bestsellers in children and adult fiction but also a wonderful selection of beautifully handcrafted cards. Hyndland Bookshop provides the perfect setting for an afternoon spent picking out the next book. I recognised a lot of the bestsellers on the shelves but was also pleasantly surprised to discover books written by local authors and several thrillers set in Glasgow also caught my eye.


Perhaps my favourite feature of this store was the dog-friendly environment and I was thrilled when a customer with an energetic labrador retriever walked in and delighted to see the treats that the owner offered. Despite our short visit we were pleased with our fun-filled afternoon and happy to have ended our day in this bright and welcoming bookshop.

Have you visited these bookshops or would you like to? Stay tuned to read about my next bookshop hopping adventure in Edinburgh!

13 thoughts on “Studious Saturday: exploring bookshops in Glasgow

  1. Great review of these independent bookshops in Glasgow, and I loved our bookshop hopping:) I look forward to reading about the Edinburgh experience !

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  2. Wow! The staircase from the first one and the door from the second !! I love thoses!
    However… a bit too “crowded” for me, being claustrophobic im not sure how well it’d go xD also so. many. things. to look at in the same place !! i’d look like a crazy woman fligning myself everywhere trying to see as much things as I can ahah

    The third one looks more like something i’d be comfortable in.. but honestly it’s kinda “eh”.. wait, DOG FRIENDLY??? although I wouldn’t even dare bring my two there.. Sheik would try to eat the books, im sure xD bad idea, ahah

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    • Hahaha I can’t imagine it would be much fun chasing them around to make sure they don’t eat any of the books! And yes, I agree with you that it feels too much surrounded by all those books and it was hard for me at first too but I slowly got used to it and I ended up loving the feeling eventually!

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      • That’s good !
        Sheik does that to me all the time xD trying to eat my books im reading so erm ahah– I don’t think she like that she’s not where my attention is :p

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