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Studious Saturday

Happy Saturday! It’s going to be a rainy weekend here and so I am really looking forward to spending the majority of my time reading in bed. This week’s Studious Saturday post is a tag which has been really fun to complete.

What is The Liebster Award?

“The Liebster Award is an award that exists only on the internet and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.” – The Global Aussie


  • Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the Award.
  • Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you
  • Nominate 11 people
  • Ask the people who you have nominated 11 questions

I’ve been tagged by Emer who has proposed the below questions. Thanks so much for tagging me, Emer! These questions really made me think and reflect which I love!

  1. If you had the power to talk to and be understood by any animal, what animal would you choose and why? – Dogs because I would love to have a dog one day and it would be extra special if we could communicate not just through actions but words as well.
  2. If you could spend a year living in another country where would you choose and why? – I’ve already done this twice before but only one was a choice. If I had to move again I would probably choose Switzerland because I fell in love with the country when I visited last year and it is one of the few places I have been to where I can see myself building a life.
  3. Would you rather be the best player on a terrible team or the worst player on a great team? – Tricky question but I think that I would prefer to be the worst player on a great team because I would be able to learn a lot from my teammates and improve enough to become like them.
  4. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Explain your reasoning. – No because they are both different shapes. A hot dog is like a sandwich but it is not a sandwich. You could also argue that nachos are pizza because of the topping and technically if you ignore the size they are something like a pizza but that doesn’t make them a pizza, same with hot dogs and sandwiches.
  5. Do you like to read the book before you watch its film adaptation? – Yes! I almost always read the book before watching a movie.
  6. What is your all time favourite TV show? – Friends is by far my all time favourite TV show. I’m currently rewatching it from the beginning and realising all over again how much I love it!
  7. Do you have any special or unusual talents? – I am quite a good ballroom dancer after having been dancing for over 15 years. I wouldn’t say that it’s unusual because there are many ballroom dancers across the world but it’s definitely a special for me!
  8. What strange food combinations do you enjoy? (Mine is scallions in milky tea… yes I know it is weird!!) – Yes, that is quite weird! My favourite food is strawberries and I eat them with anything I can find.
  9. If they were making a film of your life who would you like to cast as yourself? – It’s a tough question but I would probably pick Mila Kunis because she has a background of various cultures and languages and a story similar to mine and if they made a movie of my life I would like that to be the running theme.
  10. What would you do if you were invisible for a day? – Travel! The temptation to sneak into any flight would be too much so my first stop would be the airport.
  11. What three books would you recommend that everyone read? – A Thousand Suns by Khaled Hosseini, Quiet by Susan Cain and To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

I tag:


My questions are…

  1. If you could pick anywhere in the world to be right now where would you pick and why?
  2. Do you have any pet peeves?
  3. Do you ever skip to read the last few pages of a book to find out how it ends?
  4. If you had to keep only one physical book in your home which book would it be and why?
  5. What is your opinion on audiobooks?
  6. Do you have a favourite quote that you like to live by or follow?
  7. What’s the first thing you like to do when you get back home from a busy day?
  8. Imagine you wake up one day only to realise that you are famous. Would you love it or hate it?
  9. If the world from Fahrenheit 451 ever becomes a reality how would you react and what would you do?
  10. Is there a book that made you fall in love with reading?
  11. If you met your five year old self right now what advice would you give him/her?

All the people tagged deserve this award and I hope that they enjoy answering the questions if they choose to do it. (No problem if not!) If anyone else decides to do this tag and answer my questions please let me know as I would love to read your answers!

22 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Soooo, how about strawberry and ketchup? Can you do it? 😛 Awesome answers though. I too would love to talk to dogs, even cats. I feel like there’s a lot of great discussions to be had hahah I’m also glad to see To Kill a Mockingbird here. It’s one of my favourite books too! 😀

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  2. I loved reading your answers! Switzerland is an original choice and not evident. I’ve danced ballroom too but wasn’t so great at dancing :-). I do have fond memories though of practicing at home in the garage and trying to get from one side to of the garage to the other without running out of space while doing the walse. :-). Thanks for the tag Darina!

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  3. Thank you for tagging me Darina! I love your questions, can’t wait to do this tag. 🙂 I love that you said Switzerland, I lived there for a short period when I was a baby, and I can’t remember a thing, but I visited last year and loved it! I especially liked Bern, I’d give anything to live there. 🙂

    Friends!! I am so bummed Netflix is removing the show next year, so I’ll do a re-watch soon too. 🙂 😦 I have most of the scenes burned in my head though, but it’s such a joy watching each time. 🙂 It’s so cool you’re a ballroom dancer! I can’t dance for s**t. 😀 I love To Kill a Mockingbird, so I’ll take your recs seriously, I’ll check out Quiet right away! ❤

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    • I’ve never been to Bern but I loved Geneva so much when I visited last year and I agree with you, it would be so amazing to live in Switzerland! I hope you enjoy Quiet, it’s a truly special book! And I always say that everyone can dance as long as they can sway from side to side and forwards and backwards! Hope you enjoy the tag, I’m looking forward to reading your answers ❤

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      • I loved Geneva too, though Bern has much older architecture and bears in the center of the city, it’s like from a fairy tale. 😀 I looked up Quiet and realized it’s the introvert book, I already have it on my tbr. 😀 Thanks, I’ll do the tag soon! ❤

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  5. I’m blog hopping after months and I’ve been tagged in this? I’m so sorry for noticing it earlier! 🙈

    I’m also sorry for spamming your comments section, but I love your posts! ❤️

    I loved your answer to the invisible for a day question! I’ve never really thought about it but sneaking into different flights sounds truly amazing and devious! I’m so stealing your answer lol.

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