About Me

Hi there and welcome to my blog! 😁

Let me tell you a little bit about myself: My name is Darina and reading is one of my greatest passions. There isn’t a particular genre or author that I lean towards when choosing what to read next, however some common features that define nearly all books I pick up include a strong protagonist, fast paced narrative and several unexpected plot twists.

The original idea behind this blog is to provide little snippets of my favourite books and share with you my thoughts and ideas of each one. I realise that we all have different tastes in literature and in no way am I aiming to devalue the authors’ work or dissuade you from reading the book. I am aware of the hard work and hours needed to create the final product and I always have this in mind when publishing book reviews.

I speak three languages (English, Bulgarian and Spanish) and I am currently learning French. I mostly read in English but I enjoy classical Spanish literature as well. When I’m not reading, I can usually be found practising new Ballroom figures in the dance studio or planning my next travel adventure.

You can reach me at facingthestory@gmail.com

Enjoy reading!