Books to ease your wanderlust during lockdown

I always associate summer, in particular August, with exploring new places and travelling to see family and friends. However, many of us are currently stuck at home or at least obliged to stay close to home. Books have the powerful ability to immerse the reader in new worlds and beautiful settings and I would like to share some of my favourite books for travel enthusiasts.

The Italian Villa – Daniela Sacerdoti

Beautiful landscapes and summer sensations are at the forefront of this book. I adored the small town Italian scenery and the long descriptions. This book is perfect for anyone wishing to escape the busy city life and enter a world of serenity and sunshine.

City of Girls – Elizabeth Gilbert

I recently finished this book and am in awe of the storytelling and characters. The 1940s New York setting is alluring and perfect for fans of Historical Fiction who also wish to explore a complex backdrop.

The Great Alone – Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah is an expert at developing an authentic and brilliant setting and this book is no exception. The harshness of the Alaskan wilderness is perhaps not the most obvious choice for a summer read however may be a suitable option for anyone wishing to escape the heatwave.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles – Hiro Arikawa

One of my favourite books of 2018 was The Travelling Cat Chronicles. Aside from the beautiful storyline, this book also spans city life and village life in Japan and is perfect for anyone looking to read something different.

The Beekeper’s Promise – Fiona Valpy

Set in France and switching between dual timelines, The Beekeeper’s Promise is the perfect summer read. The chateau is a key location in this book and quickly became a place I could imagine spending the summer in.

Question time

Have you recently read any books which transported you to a different setting?

20 thoughts on “Books to ease your wanderlust during lockdown

  1. Traveling Cat Chronicles was also probably my top read of 2018! It was just so charming and heartfelt. I’ve also read City of Girls, and it was definitely an entertaining ride. I must admit my reads right now have more of a “fall” rather than summer feel, but it’s rainy season over here so it’s appropriate, in a way!

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    • I completely agree about The Traveling Cat Chronicles! I also read it in 2018 and it quickly became a favourite. If the weather has turned more fall like then I agree that reading books that go with the season make sense!

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