Studious Saturday: Why I rarely reread books

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This week I’ve been thinking about my reading tastes and style compared to other friends and bloggers which made me realise that, unlike many others, I tend to dislike rereading books. I decided to share my thoughts with you briefly on why I prefer to only read books that I haven’t read before, which I also believe may be a slightly unpopular opinion but could produce an interesting discussion.

  1. Time, time time!

My main reason not to reread books, which I think many others can probably relate to, is due to time related constraints. Most of us are already struggling to juggle our social, family and work life while also managing to find time to read so it’s no wonder that we often can’t find the time to return to our most loved books. I often feel guilty when I decide to pick up a book that I have already read instead of finishing off the various tasks I have pending or even starting a new book.

2. Too many books on the never ending TBR list

Also linked to the first point, the little time that I save for reading is usually spent catching up on my to-be-read list. Between a pile of backlist books waiting to be started and the constant stream of exciting new releases, books that I have already read somehow always tend to fall behind in my reading priorities.

3. Expectations

Most of us would understandably only go back to books that we have previously enjoyed and want to rediscover, I also fall into this category. However, I cannot imagine visiting any of my favourite books and feeling disappointed that they didn’t live up to my expectations as I reread them for the second time. Even if I did have enough time and a visibly reduced to-be-read list, I still don’t think that I would reread some of my favourite books because I would feel worried that I wouldn’t like them as much.

Those are my main reasons for not re-reading books and although I realise that they may feel strange to many in the bookish community, I have come to understand that my reading habits are somewhat peculiar and many others may not understand them.

Question time

Do you ever reread books and if so why? What are some of your favourite books that you like to revisit?

26 thoughts on “Studious Saturday: Why I rarely reread books

  1. This was a super interesting read because we all have such different views on whether or not we reread and why. I am a rereader for the most part. Like, there’s some books that I am not going to because I feel like it’ll ruin my fondness of them. Anyways, I totally get your reasons for rarely rereading! This was such a fun post.

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    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! I understand that there are some books that are best left to be read only once and others that are great to come back to now and again. I agree that it’s interesting to see everyone’s points of view on re-reading too.


  2. I have only ever re-read a handful of books, totally agree time and a big TBR pile are the biggest reasons why. I don’t think I have re-read a book for quite a few years now I am forever reading fresh new books. I enjoyed reading your post 😊

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  3. I rarely reread a book. There are too many new books to read, and I would rather read something new. If I do reread something, it’s usually a classic. Something I remember fondly but haven’t read in many years or something I think I would appreciate more as I’ve gotten older.

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    • I agree with your thoughts. It’s always nice to re-read a book that you may feel different about and be able to appreciate more but there are so many books out there that it makes more sense to stick to the not yet read ones.

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  4. I used to re-read books a lot when I was younger, but now rarely do for similar reasons you have mentioned here! I do like having non fiction titles to refer back to though but they are mainly gardening and cookbooks!

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  5. I wish I could go through my TBR list like you and not reread books. But when I fall in love with a book, I have a tendency to reread it until I have every line memorized. I guess I find it comforting to go back to books that I loved.

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    • You are so right that now and again we all come across a book that is particularly special to us and I completely understand why you would want to revisit it. Your comment made me smile and you’ve now made me want to go back to some of my favourites!


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  7. The first time I reread a book was HP1 last month! It was such a strange experience since I had never reread a book before, but it turned out to be so nostalgic and wonderful I will be rereading the rest of the series! I never thought I would either…!

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  8. Great post!

    I totally agree with this. I started to get back into reading again a few years ago and so far I haven’t reread any books that I’ve read. With so many books out that I haven’t read once yet, I rather get to those books instead of reading something I’ve already read. There’s just so many more books to discover that I haven’t read once yet. Maybe I’ll reread a book that I ended up really liking in a few years after I read some books I’ve been meaning to get around to reading first, who knows.

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    • I agree with you that the amount of books to be read is just completely overwhelming. I also have so many books left that I want to read that I just don’t even think about rereading! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I’m glad you liked the post!

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